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How to win, no matter what

The first book I ever wrote was terrible.

But like everything in life, it had some good in it.

Towards the end of it, the characters’ lives were falling apart. One of the characters was about to make a horrible decision because he thought he had no choice. Another character yelled at him, as he ran away: “You always have a choice, Cass. It’s the one thing life can never take from you!”

Choice. It’s all that matters. It’s the only thing you will always have.

I came to a point in my life when I had to face some things I didn’t want to. I’d run from them. I’d hidden from them because I knew they would crush me if I faced them. But life made me face them. And it nearly destroyed me.

But I learned something...

Despite what life demanded that I see and hear and accept, it did not take my choice. I was going to be crushed. There was no getting around that.

But I still got to choose how I was crushed.

I, just as all of us, got to choose what broke. Did it break my will and my strength, or did it break my ego and my selfishness?

But I got to choose whether it unmade me, or remade me.

Even when you face death, the ultimate inescapable thing, you can still choose. You get to choose how you face it. Do you face it knowing that you lived in fear, that you hid and didn’t take risks, that you gave up your right to live and laugh and love?

Or do you face it with peace, knowing that you have lived a satisfying life, that you have done what you were meant to do. That you loved your friends and family well. That you gave more than you took. That the world is a little better because you were in it for a time.

Life comes. You can’t stop it. But you will always have a choice of some sort.

When life overwhelms you and pushes you to the breaking point, do you let it break the light within you, or do you let it break the darkness? Do you let it chain you, or do you let it set you free?

Life is stronger than you. So don’t fight it. Use its strength to your advantage. Let it change the things about you that you can’t.

Let it remake you.

Choose to let the difficulty make you a better person.

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