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Paan's Rising

So I wrote a couple kids books. They sold well, but in retrospect, I don't think they were that great. However, that's been ten years ago, and I wryte gooder now. So I have a new series in the works. I hate to call it children's fantasy. That implies it's for kids. Okay, maybe that directly states it. Regardless, a great story should be for virtually everybody.

I say "virtually" because toddlers usually can't read, and politicians and centaurs even less so. Yeah, they're real. I've seen them at cons. Real politicians. Steer clear.

So all ages should be able to enjoy a good story. (Take a bow, J.K. Rowling.) I can't say much about Paan's Rising right now, other than that it has a huge, world-building arc that involves dozens of characters, tons of fantasy history, and a new take on magic itself. It will also be published in smaller installments that my usual door-stop novels. Much smaller.

I'm looking forward to sharing more details as the writing evolves.

Oh, and you should go read Ironclad if you haven't. It's a journey and a half.

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